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Get a taste of Ty Loar Du in our screenshots

And imagine a new world opening in front of you...

Any language or script can be turned into Blocks.
Java, Python, C, Basic, Lua, Ada, Cobol, Fortran, etc.
Create as many libraries of instructions as you want. Blocks are all customizable without any limitation. You just need to intelligently prepare them to be used in any condition in the most simple way for you or for anybody else.

Whatever you do, you have tools that simplify your everyday coding life.
Whatever language you use with any developed interface instructions, it is possible to implement them in our graphical Interface  Generator for an easy visual construction.
You will waste less time in such a creative work than coding line by line all what you need on your screen.

Always keep an eye on your code.
Even if you use Blocks, you need to check and know the code you're using. Hopefully, the console always gives you the informations you need at any time.

Sharing your code with everybody has never been so easy thanks to blocks files. Save useful processes that you or anybody else will use in the future.
You will never lose your code inside thousand of lines in other programs you made before.
Create special Libraries of Blocks in Music, Mathematics, 3D, Texts etc.
No Limit !

Creating a GUI in any language without coding is a must have.
You now have everything you need to do it thanks to our Interface Generator.
Once again you can share any of the buttons you've implemented with anybody else.
And you can create the same one for different purposes but with different characteristics.
No Limit !

That's the world to describe
Ty Loar Du.
Create useful specialized Blocks of code in any third-party software like 3DS Max, Maya, Blender, Unity, Unrealengine, Godot, Cryengine, Clarisse, FormZ, Arduino, AutoCad, Solidworks, etc.
No Limit !


Language Interaction:
Java, Python, C++, Basic, Cobol, Ada, Processing, Arduino, Lua, any scripting language, etc.
Turn all your coding languages in more simple 2D linkable visual Blocks thanks to Ty Loar Du.


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